FansUp! Promotion·Purchase MFCC With 50% Off

Coinw 2019-10-12 16:06:12

Dear CoinW users,


CoinW will be launching a FansUp! Promotion of 50%discount on MFCC purchase at 20:00(UTC+8) on Oct 15. All verified users can buyCWT in advance to participate. After the discount promotion, CoinW will openMFCC deposit at 16:00(UTC+8) on Oct 15 and list the trading pair MFCC/CNYT inPotential Zone at 16:00(UTC+8) on Oct 17. The listing promotion will belaunched in sync and there will be multiple rewards to give away.


Promotion Period: Oct 15 20:00-20:30(UTC+8)


Promotion details are as follows

The total supply of this promotion is 120000 MFCC and allverified users shall buy CoinW-based CWT in advance to participate. The minimumpurchase limit for each verified user is 30 CWT and the maximum is 50 CWT.Specific discount and quota  are asfollows:

Time (UTC+8)


Individual Limits


Oct 15 20:00-20:30

120,000 MFCC

30 CWT-50 CWT



Pricing Rules:

1.The base price of MFCC will be converted to CNYT price,which will be set according to the average 24-hour market price before thepromotion starts and then updated to FansUp!

2.The CWT price will be set according to a opening pricethree hours before the start of promotion. The final ratio forms: n CWT=1 MFCCand will be updated to FansUp!


At 20:00(UTC+8) on Oct 15, the purchase starts right ontime. First-come-first-served, don’t be late!


Thanks for your support!


CoinW Team

Oct 12, 2019



1. Each verified user can only purchase once .

2. The calculation starts after the whole promotion ends,and the purchased MFCC will be distributed to your account after thecalculation.

3. CoinW reserves all rights for final explanation.



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