3rd Round Coinw Priority Plan——CTXC

Coinw 2019-04-28 16:44:24

Dear Coinw users,

Coinw is about to launch the 3rd round Priority Plan——CTXC. Specific rules and time will be announced in the announcement in Coinw official website. Please stay tuned!

By now, Coinw has successfully launched two projects of Priority Plan. Based on Coinw’s brand value, this plan is committed to exploring premium tokens and helping with listing tokens. Coinw VIP users have priority to own premium digital assets. They can get certain volume of new-listed tokens for free and then enjoy benefits.

About Cortex(CTXC):
In Cortex, due to the nature of open source and competitive mechanisms, the best model as an intelligent agent will survive to enhance the intelligence level of the Blockchain network. 
Cortex's main mission is to provide the state-of-the-art machine-learning models on the blockchain in which users can infer using smart contracts on the Cortex blockchain. One of Cortex's goals also includes implementing a machine-learning platform that allows users to post tasks on the platform, submit AI DApps (Artificial Intelligence Decentralized Applications).
Cortex Official Website:

Thanks for your support!

Coinw Team
Apr 28,2019